Self Defense Shotguns: One Of Those Tools That Criminals Hate To Come Up Against When Used For Home Defense

The Bad Guys Don’t Like Home Defense Shotguns

Very often, when the subject of home defense weapons is discussed, the first gun that most think of is the shotgun. It is true that the shotgun is an excellent choice for home protection, however, there are limits to its use that we will go over in more detail.

Buy Remington 870 Express Self Defense Shotgun 5077The Authority Of Home Defense Shotguns

Shotguns have incredible take down power. Using one 12 gauge 00 buck round, you are able to hit the home invader with nine .33 caliber pellets every time you pull the trigger. It’s not written in stone that this will incapacitate him, but it will definitely make him think twice about what he is doing.

Think about comparing that to a 9mm handgun. On the 9mm, you’re only firing one bullet that is .355 caliber at a much slower speed than your shotgun round. That means you would need to fire the handgun nine times to get the same stopping power as one 00 buck shotgun shell.

The shotgun does have a few negative aspects though, some being the kick or recoil, they are larger than handguns and the far-fetched assumptions concerning operation.

The Recoil Factor Of The Shotgun For Home Protection

The shotgun does have a pretty good kick. Smaller framed shooters generally don’t like to shoot the 12 gauge especially the pump because of the recoil. That power that makes it so efficient is the same factor that keeps people from shooting it.

There are a number of things that can be done to reduce the recoil of your shotgun. You could use a 20 gauge as an alternative to the 12 gauge defense shotgun. Using #3 buckshot in a 20 gauge at closer ranges of 12-15 feet on an invader would have close to the same effectiveness as 00 buck in a 12 gauge with far less recoil.

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Another option is using a semi-automatic shotgun or also called an autoloader. An autoloader will have less kick because it will use a bit of that power on ejecting the spent round and chambering a new shell. If you are a little skittish about using a pump shotgun in a 12 gauge, try a semi-automatic 20 gauge instead.

If you still want the 12 gauge for home defense, try shotgun loads that are reduced recoil. Most shotgun shell manufacturers sell them. They have the same killing power with far less recoil.

You can also buy a stock with recoil reduction. One popular brand is the Knoxx by Blackhawk. Some of the tactical home defense shotguns come standard with this stock. Well worth the money as they greatly reduce the recoil that is felt.

The Knoxx stock is also adjustable for length of pull. The adjustable length is a great feature. If the shotgun is not properly sized to you, then you won’t shoot as accurately and may have difficulty operating the shotgun properly.

The Importance Of Barrel Length

The barrel length of the average shotgun is between 18 and 28 inches. Shotgun barrels shorter than 18” are illegal unless you get a tax stamp from the “powers that be” to give you “permission” to own it.

Buy Mossberg 500 Tactical Tri-Rail 8 Shot Shotgun 50575The longer shotgun barrels are generally used for hunting. They can make your movement through the house a little more cumbersome. It’s not recommended to go and hunt down the perpetrator, but you may have to move around and position yourself in a different room in order to give protection to your child or immediate family members.

The best option for home defense shotguns is a barrel that is 18 to 20 inches long. If your shotgun has the longer hunting barrel, just buy another shorter barrel for it. With a shotgun, you can quickly and easily swap back and forth between the hunting barrel and the shorter home defense barrel.

The Myth Of Just Point & Shoot

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All shotguns come with at least one sight at the end of the barrel for a very good reason. If you shoot something or somebody at close range, say 12 to 15 feet, as you would in a house invasion, there won’t be much spread and it will have an incredibly tight shot pattern. You will have to aim or you will likely not hit what you’re shooting at.

If you need convincing, go to the range and set up your targets at about 15 feet and fire away. Your shots will make a nice hole, but as you will see the pellets don’t spread much. So the “just point & shoot” philosophy is not a good idea in home defense because you might hit someone or something else other than the intended target.

The Myth Of Just Racking The Shotgun Will Do The Trick

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The sound may be impressive, but most likely will not be a deterrent to the scumbags we have today. They are more vicious and determined to carry out their acts of violence. You will not scare them away by only racking your defense shotgun.

When one of these predators breaks in, they hurt you if need be and won’t be scared away easily. They generally don’t feel fear and are not compassionate. So the noise of racking your shotgun probably won’t deter an invader, but buckshot will.

Self Defense Shotgun

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Using a shotgun for self defense or home protection does have its benefits. It is one of the best guns for self defense. You can get shotguns for cheap when talking price, it’s hard to beat their sheer stopping power and so easy to use that even a caveman can operate one.

With that said, the shotgun is not always the ideal tool in every home defense situation. Your conditions may warrant the use of some other type of self defense weapon. But with the right shotgun and some training on the proper way to use it, the shotgun is a tremendously efficient bad guy killing machine when justified in home protection situations.

Efficient Tools You Can Use As Bad Guy Deterrents

Mossberg 590 Tactical Tri-Rail 9 Shot Shotgun model 50772  Buy Mossberg 590 Tactical Tri-Rail 9 Shot Shotgun - 5077212 gauge shotgun featuring a plain barrel with bead sight and heat shield. It has a twenty inch barrel with parkerized finish. Comes standard with a speedfeed stock, tri-picatinny rail forend and nine shot capacity. You can depend on this pump action for your home protection needs as it is the only pump action shotgun ever to pass all stringent U. S. Military Mil-Spec 3443 standards.

Remington 1100 Tactical Shotgun model 82801  Buy Remington 1100 Tactical Self Defense Shotgun 8280112 gauge shotgun with black finish, semi-automatic, 22 inch barrel, synthetic grips, bead sights. The Remington 1100 Tactical Home Defense Shotgun is the first choice for law enforcement agencies around the country. Rugged and dependable the Remington 1100 is able to withstand even the most demanding situations.

Remington Law Enforcement 12 Gauge 2.75 Inch 1325 FPS 9 Pellets 00 Buck Reduced Recoil – Power Piston compression section wad and polymer buffering cushion the shot and protect pellets from deformation. One piece wad column features deep over-powder wad that seals gases for consistent velocity. Low density polyethylene shot cup contains the buckshot and reduces barrel leading. Hardened pellets produce tight patterns. Primer and mouth waterproofed. 25 rounds per box.

Remington 20 Gauge 2.75 Inch 20 Pellet Number 3 Lead Buck Shot – A combination of heavy cushioning behind the shot column and a granulated polymer buffering helps maintain pellet roundness for tight, even patterns.

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